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    We are two retired teachers who recently moved back to Waco. We had previously purchased two lots which we loved to visit. Neighbors would stop by to introduce themselves, and we began asking people who they would recommend to build our dream house. Without exception, every single person mentioned Jim Bland Homes.The first time we talked to Scott, we knew we had made the right decision. Using thirty-eight foot piers that went straight down through our shifting clay soil, he built us a foundation that won’t move, period. The neighbors stopped by to admire the handiwork, and when the bank loan officer did her inspection, she said she had never seen a higher quality slab. Scott hires the very best subcontractors who always welcomed us on site and explained what they were doing. We knew exactly when each step was taken and what was being done. Scott kept us apprised of everything, and if we had questions he was always available. In addition to the top quality construction, we were at peace to enjoy the entire process because we knew that Scott and Jim are people of the highest integrity. We even received a credit back at closing. We trusted Scott to do what was best, and he never let us down. We could not have found a better builder in the entire State of Texas. Thanks, Jim Bland Homes!




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