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    We built our dream home with Jim Bland Homes.  We had looked at several houses and lots and never found anything close to what we were looking for.  Scott kept us in mind over the years and found us the lot of our dreams.  We enjoyed the entire process from designing our home to its final construction and have marveled at the efficiency of the system. Scott was always available to answer questions and was with us every step of the way.  It was never a problem getting a hold of him even for the most minor of questions and he never made you feel bad for asking anything.  The building guide he gives you to help with the process is extremely helpful.
    All of the individuals we worked with while building our home were so nice and professional.  Their quality of work was excellent and everyone was trustworthy.  Scott is very personable and wonderful at understanding YOUR needs as a homeowner.  He makes you feel as if your home is the only house he is working on from start to finish.  Even now, that our home has been built for over a year, Scott has maintained his relationship with us and follows through to ensure the quality of his work.  We are so grateful!

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