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Let the Light In: Illuminating Your Waco Home With Perfect Window Designs
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Let the Light In: Illuminating Your Waco Home With Perfect Window Designs

If you live in Waco, Texas, then you know that most of the year is spent in sunlight. And what better way to enjoy that sunlight than to include custom window designs in your new home build?

Windows are an essential part of every home, and when you build a brand new home, you have control over the window design and placement. 

When you work with a company like Jim Bland Construction for custom home builds, we will ensure your home can take advantage of all the sunny days by incorporating beautiful windows. 

We’ve put together this guide so you can understand the types of windows available for your new home. 

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are a popular choice for most homes. They’re fairly basic in that they open vertically from the bottom while the upper portion of the window stays static. 

This style is the least expensive option for windows and can be versatile in size. 

Double-Hung Windows

These windows are some of the most common windows around the country. Like a single-hung window, the bottom pushes up to open the window. However, double-hung windows also open from the top, so you can pull down the top instead of opening the bottom. 

Double-hung windows come in a range of sizes and materials. They are a little more expensive than single-hung windows but are still cost-effective. 

Picture Windows

To take advantage of the beautiful view outside of your new home, consider a picture window. Picture windows do not open but offer a full, unobstructed view of the outdoors. They can also make a room look larger and are lower in price than other windows. 

Picture windows also come in various sizes, so they can be nearly as large or small as you want them. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are usually comprised of two tall, vertical panels that open via a crank. They open outward when the crank is turned. It’s a good way to get a fairly unobstructed view with a solid glass window. They are also very energy efficient. 

This window style is a little more expensive than single- and double-hung windows but makes a great option for many homes. 

Casement windows are great for windows above a kitchen sink or other areas that might cause windows to be more difficult to open. 

Awning Windows

Awning windows are like casement windows but open outward horizontally, pushed by either a latch or handle. These are ideal for areas that see a lot of rain, as they can be opened without the rain getting inside the house. 

This window style is more affordable and works well in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Bay & Bow Windows

If you’re looking to make a statement on the front of your home, consider a bay or bow window. Bay windows are beautiful, consisting of three panels, two of which are angled outward. This configuration creates a space inside the home for furniture or seating. 

Bay and bow windows cost more to install; however, building a new home will make them easier to install than retrofitting an existing area. 

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are similar to double-hung windows but open from side to side rather than top to bottom. They are a great option for elongated walls and for making a small room look larger. 

Sliders let in a lot of fresh air while giving you a nice outside view.  


Skylights are a popular window choice. They add a lot more natural light to your home without compromising privacy. 

Skylights are set into the ceiling and roof of your home instead of the walls and can be angled to get the most out of a day’s sunlight. They can be fixed or moveable. 

Transom Windows

Transom windows are decorative accent windows that help break up space or add a unique design focal point. They work well around front doors or on top of other windows. 

Transoms come in various sizes to work with your intended design. 

Arched Windows

Arched windows are, of course, arched. They can sit above traditional square or rectangular windows or stand-alone. They work well in homes with high ceilings, allowing in light from higher up. 

You can also consider a multi-arch structure, with an arched window in the middle and two rectangles on either side, commonly referred to as the Palladian window style. 

Customize Your Home’s Windows With Jim Bland Construction

Whether you are remodeling your existing home or building a new home in Waco, Texas, Jim Bland Construction can help. We are expert home builders with over 50 years of experience building beautiful, custom homes in the Waco area. 

While we work together to design your new custom home, we can recommend the best windows for different areas to ensure your home is bright, open, and airy. We also emphasize efficiency, which means we ensure your custom home and windows will be energy-efficient. 

For more information about our custom homes and remodels, give us a call at 254-772-6508 or send a message online

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