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20 Questions to Ask Your Texas Home Builder
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20 Questions to Ask Your Texas Home Builder

When you need a custom home builder in Waco, Texas, you can’t just go with anyone.

Texas homes have different needs than other locations in the United States, and having a trustworthy and reputable home builder will make the process much smoother. You need to choose someone who knows the area and can build a home from the ground up, taking safety and comfort into consideration.

Jim Bland Construction wants you to be prepared with the right questions to ask any Texas home builder, so we’ve compiled a list to help.

Ask About Experience & Qualifications

Any home builder worth their salt can provide proof of their experience and qualifications. This is important information to know so you don’t choose someone who is not reputable. A few excellent questions to ask regarding experience include:

  1. How long have you been in the home building business?

  2. Can you provide references?

  3. Do you carry the required insurance by the state of Texas?

Ask Project-Specific Questions

You want to know if the home builder can handle the project you’re interested in. Be sure to ask the following questions to make sure they understand the scope and timeline of your home build.

  1. Have you built homes similar to the one I want?

  2. What is the estimated timeline?

  3. Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the project?

Ask About Building Materials & Quality

No home should ever be built with shoddy materials. Question your home builder about the quality of their materials before you sign any agreements.

  1. What type of materials do you typically use?

  2. Can I choose my own fixtures, appliances, and materials?

  3. Do you offer any warranties?

Ask About Subcontractors & Workers

Some companies subcontract work or hire additional workers to complete a project. You should be aware of this before starting a project.

  1. Do you hire subcontractors, and if so, how do you choose them?

  2. Are your workers employees or subcontractors?

  3. Will a foreman be on-site at all times?

Ask About Permits & Regulations

No matter where you build a home, you need permits and must adhere to local regulations. A good home builder will know which permits must be pulled and when.

  1. Will you obtain all the necessary permits for this project?

  2. How familiar are you with local building codes?

  3. What is your experience dealing with HOAs?

Ask About Payment & Contracts

To avoid being blindsided by a bill, ensure you are 100% clear on the payment schedule and method before signing any contract.

  1. What is your payment schedule?

  2. Can you provide a detailed contract outlining all aspects of the project?

  3. What is your policy regarding changes to the contractor and additional costs?

Ask About Customer Service & Post-Construction Support

A good contractor won’t leave you in the lurch after the project is over. Ask these questions to ensure you’re taken care of after the home is built, should anything go wrong.

  1. How do you handle issues that arise after the construction is complete?

  2. Can you provide a list of recommended maintenance tasks for the new home?

Request Further Information From Jim Bland Construction

Our team at Jim Bland Construction would be happy to answer any questions you have about the process of building a new, custom home in Waco, Texas. With over 50 years of home-building experience, we’re well-equipped to handle any requests you may have. We feature innovative home designs and quality craftsmanship.

Give us a call today at 254-772-6508 or request more information on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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