Our Homebuilding Process

Since we have clients who come to us in various stage of preparedness, there are many ways to approach the process of building your new home. If you have not yet settled on a plan, we have several independent plan designers and architects that we work with who can help you put your plans together. It is helpful to have us involved in this process for two very important reasons: Typically, architects and plan designers are not up to date on building costs and we can help provide cost input during the planning stage. Secondly, by being involved in the planning process, we have a much better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish with your new home. Click here to view the Most Frequently Asked Questions in Home Building.

Once the plans have been completed, or if you are already beyond the planning stage, we will meet to discuss the finish out of your home. Things such as type of masonry or siding on the exterior, appliances, flooring, paint and wall finishes, all the things that make the home uniquely yours. This process allows us to tailor your allowances to meet your needs. During this time, it is a good idea to meet with some of our suppliers to do a “dry run” on several selections. This means going ahead and pricing things such as plumbing fixtures and appliances to make sure the allowances we provide are sufficient. Since we do not up-charge any allowance items, you receive our contractor price on any allowance item. Of course, if you don’t have the time to do a “dry run”, we will set allowances that are comparable for the size of the plans and the level of finish out desired. Usually, the pricing process takes about 2 to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the plans.

 Once the plans are complete and a price has been agreed upon, our building process is completely client driven to the extent that we have never built the exact same home twice. One thing we never forget is that the home we are building is yours, not ours, and it is our job to make sure your vision for your new home becomes a reality. As a guide through the process, we developed our Homeowner’s Manual that will walk you through the building process from beginning to end.  The Manual is a place to keep your contract, allowances, and finish out ideas.

 The most essential part of the Manual is the Selection Schedule which lets you know what items need to be picked, when they need to be picked, and gives you a place to record your selections. We keep a binder in our office that is identical to your Manual so that when you record selections in the book, we record them in ours so that we all stay on the same page.

 Using the Manual, you will always know what stage of construction we are at, what is coming next, and what you need to have selected or what you need to be getting prepared to pick out. During construction, we will stage several walk-throughs with subcontractors, and are welcome to come out to the job anytime. All of our subcontractors welcome questions and we encourage our Homeowners to get to know the people responsible for building their home. As you can tell from our process, the one thing we value above all with our Homeowners is communication. We will always be available before, during, and after we build your home to answer questions, or take care of problems. The final section of the Manual details the care and maintenance you will need to know to keep your home looking new and functioning at a high level. In addition, you will have a list of names and contact information of every subcontractor and supplier that worked on your home.

 Everything we have done and developed over the past 3 decades has been with an eye towards making this process enjoyable. Building a new home should be a fun and exciting experience throughout in which the Homeowner and the builder are partners in the process. The relationship between the Homeowner and builder is not meant to be adversarial, and we can promise you that our goals will be the same as yours: To build the home you always dreamed of at the highest quality and the best value, and to maintain a positive relationship for as long as you live in the home. We thank you for your interest and look forward to being your partner in building!

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