Lanford Home

Just received a wonderful e-mail from the Lanford’s who moved into their new home in Woodway in August of 2011:



Couldn’t help writing one more time to thank you for the fantastic house. Patricia and I are happy as clams; it’s the perfect lot and the perfect location, and you built us the perfect house to go here.

I walked around this morning, as I often do, looking at the workmanship in all its manifestations: the painting, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling (our bills are still incredibly low–in fact, at night we set our heat on 66, and to date, even with the several cold spells, it hasn’t come on yet; the thermostat may get down to 66 at night, but the house doesn’t get any colder), the roof, the windows, the basic construction, the fantastic foundation, the finish work by Terry, everything–and I marvel that we’re living in a house this well-built.

If you ever have anyone on the fence who can’t decide to go with you, tell them to call us or come by. We’ll be glad to let them know how good Jim Bland Homes is.

Hope you and your family have a great Christmas.



Many thanks to the Lanford’s for their kind words!


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