Custom Projects

As a free service to our Homeowners, when your home begins construction, we set aside space here to chronicle the progress of your home.  This page contains a list of the custom projects we are working on at the time.  By clicking on your name, you will be sent to your project page.  As construction progresses on your home, photos are taken at the site and added to your page.  In effect, you can follow the construction of your home without getting your shoes dirty!  For our future Homeowners, these can help you in finalizing the design for your Jim Bland Construction custom home. We appreciate any time spent researching our craftsmanship and welcome questions or comments about any project.


SH slab 3-13 2017 Heart of Texas Builder’s Association Showcase Home

Isaacson front 10-3 The Isaacson Family Project

front 2-5 The Dicorte Family Project

Sustala slab 4-10 The Sustala Family Project

Kight lside 4-10 The Kight Family Project

430 SM front 3-3 The McMahan Family Project


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